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aptive eries

This is a work in progress and details may and probably will change.

In the realm where dreams intertwine with reality, Elara, a witch blessed with the rare ability to control dreams, faces her greatest challenge yet. One fateful night, she rescues a stranger from the clutches of a nightmare beast, an act of kindness that spirals her life into chaos. The stranger is none other than Prince Draven, the infamous half-demon heir to a kingdom shrouded in mystery and fear.

Driven by his relentless ambition, Draven captures Elara, intending to harness her powers for his dark agenda. As they journey through treacherous lands, Elara's fiery spirit clashes with Draven's icy arrogance, igniting a turbulent enemies-to-lovers relationship. Despite his ruthless exterior, Elara glimpses moments of vulnerability in Draven, hinting at a troubled past and a heart capable of change.

Their journey takes a dramatic turn when Elara uncovers a hidden truth about Draven's kingdom. Beneath the veil of darkness, she discovers a realm fighting for survival against a much greater evil. Torn between her desire for freedom and the fate of a kingdom, Elara must decide if her captor is worth trusting and saving.

As alliances shift and ancient secrets unravel, Elara and Draven find themselves at the heart of a battle not just for the kingdom, but for their own redemption. In a world where dreams can be as deadly as swords, will their newfound love be enough to conquer the demons of their past and present?

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