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Daughter of Realms

by Ember East

Chapter One

And as we ran, a disorienting sensation gnawed at the edges of my consciousness. The ground beneath our feet shifted, and suddenly, we stumbled into a realm beyond mortal comprehension. The demon realm stretched out before us, a nightmarish landscape of jagged spires, churning mists, and ever-shifting shadows.

We skidded to a halt, breathless and bewildered, the gravity of our situation sinking in. Wren’s growl rumbled through the air, a symphony of unease that mirrored my apprehension. We exchanged a tense glance, unspoken questions passing between us. How have we ended up here? And more importantly, how could we find our way back?

“We’re in hell right now,” I said as a loud, goofy panic bubbled to the surface as it always did when I was in an impossible situation. “Actual literal hell. Do you think they have welcoming centers?” Wren let out a chuffing sound, one I could only describe as a laugh. 

But the demons’ pained cries echoed once again, piercing through the eerie silence. Our determination, rekindled, pushed us forward, even in the face of uncertainty. The pursuit led us here, and now we had a task to complete.

“Let’s finish this,” I declared, my voice, firm and resolute, despite the tremors of doubt that danced within me. 

Wren’s green eyes gleamed with unwavering resolve, his lupine form tensed and ready. Together, we pushed forward into the heart of the demon realm, the very air crackling with dark energy. The landscape twisted and shifted beneath our feet, an ever-changing labyrinth that seemed determined to confound and challenge. It was a mass of unnatural shapes and angles. One moment we stood in a forest of inorganic-looking trees, their limbs stretching toward the sky like sharpened spikes. The next moment it changed to a low flat plain, covered in jagged rocks and broken stone buildings. 

The smell of smoke and rot clogged our noses and burned our lungs. The land before us was like a graveyard of dreams, each step we took inching us closer to the brink of damnation. A tainted air swirled around us, stifling out hope and leaving only despair in its wake. This cursed place held no mercy, only nightmares that would haunt us for eternity and death that stalked our every move.


Hours turned into an indistinct blur as we pressed on, our pursuit of the wounded demon growing more desperate with each passing moment. The demonic realm toyed with our senses, distorting time and space, but we refused to be deterred. The air grew cold around us, and I could feel my warm breath turn into mist; we were falling deeper and deeper into the realm. 

Determined and resolute, we strode forward with every step. The chill shadows that danced at the edge of our vision seemed to shrink back in the face of our resolve. The eerie silence was shattered by the echoes of our footsteps and the creature’s pained howls. We marched on toward the darkness as it drew closer

The wounded demon’s cries grew louder, a cacophony of agony that urged us onward. The twisted spires and churning mists were now our battlegrounds, the very essence of the demon realm a testament to its dark and enigmatic nature.

As we pressed forward, our steps guided by an unshakeable purpose, I couldn’t help but marvel at the strange beauty of this nightmarish landscape. It was a realm of contradictions, a place where danger and wonder intertwined, and where the limits of reality itself were tested.

The demon realm had become our crucible, a trial by fire that would push us to our limits and force us to confront the depths of our strength. With every breath, every stride, we embraced the challenge, ready to face whatever twisted reality the realm could throw at us.

In this nightmarish realm, our resolve burned like a beacon, cutting through the darkness and guiding us ever closer to our quarry. The demon’s cries were a testament to its pain and vulnerability, and as we neared our goal, a fierce determination took root within me. The demon realm may have been a place of shadows and uncertainty, but we would emerge from its depths victorious, our spirits unbroken.

The air in the demon realm was thick and oppressive, a heavy blackness that seemed to sap the life from my very bones. We had been hunting our prey for hours it seemed, tracking its winding trail through these cursed lands, until finally, we had cornered it.

The wounded demon lay huddled in a shallow ravine, its once mighty form now a grotesque parody of itself. Its eyes were dull, its claws limp, and its defiance reduced to ragged gasps and feeble swipes.

Wren stepped forward, his fangs bared. With a primal snarl, he lunged, sinking his teeth deep into the demon’s throat. The creature let out a shrill shriek of agony, and then I stepped forward, axe raised. I brought it down in a single, decisive blow, my blood magic still pounding in my ears. The creature’s screams cut off abruptly as its life force slowly ebbed away.

With the demon’s death, a palpable wave of energy spread through the realm like a ripple in a pond. Its essence dissipating into the mist, the oppressive atmosphere that had shrouded us before was now gone, replaced by an eerie stillness. Our victory was hard won—the toll of the battle etched exhaustion into our faces.


But as the echoes of battle subsided, a chilling realization settled over us—we were still trapped in the demon realm. With no way to escape, we were left with one option: to find a way back to our own world.

We had ventured deep into the abyss of the demon realm, our steps guided only by determination and the flickering hope of escape. The air was heavy with an otherworldly chill.

Wren shifted back into his human form, his dark skin slick with sweat. He looked around cautiously as if expecting something more sinister to rise out of the darkness at any moment. “Do you think we could find our way back to where we came in?” he asked warily.

There was no telling which way we had even come from, the landscape behind us was completely different from what we had left behind. But this was no time to despair. “That sounds like our best bet right now.”

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