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Daughter of Realms

Book One of The First Witch Series

As a half-demon, half-fae bounty hunter, Vale wasn’t one to be surprised by much. That is, until a botched demon hunt transports her into the treacherous demon realm of Erebus. There she crosses paths with the seductive and cunning Kaelan, a demon who harbors dangerous secrets. He reveals Vale is not a typical half-breed after all—she possesses the outlawed blood magic of the ancient witches, a power capable of shifting the balance between realms.

Now demon and fae forces conspire to capture Vale, intent on exploiting her rare magic. Amid escalating attacks in the mortal world, Vale learns she is the heir to a legacy predating the Great Purge, when demons and fae banded together to systematically destroy the witch bloodlines. As the demons close in, Vale discovers her magic is the key to unlocking a hidden library containing the world's most coveted magical knowledge. With the reluctant aid of the calculating Kaelan, Vale must master long-forgotten spells and rituals before evil forces from Erebus plunge the realms back into cataclysmic war.

To defend the haven she and her friends built in the mortal realm, Vale must unravel the secrets of her witch ancestry and revive their ancient magic. But can she trust Kaelan when he seems to always cloak himself in shadow and mystery? The choices Vale makes will ripple through destiny and determine the fate of all Otherworldly beings. She must follow the pull of magic in her blood and fight with everything she has to prevent the extinction of her kind once more.

With evocative worldbuilding, simmering romance, and thrilling action, Daughter of Realms is an utterly captivating tale about embracing one's power, confronting darkness, and fulfilling one's destiny.

Special Edition Hardcover

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