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Empress of Realms

Book Four of The First Witch Series

Listen below for an exclusive excerpt from Empress of Realms
Pain Tegan Narration Ember East
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Queen Vale of Terralux stands at the precipice of destiny. Shattered by loss, she grapples with the dual mantle of First Witch and sovereign ruler. Her world teeters on the brink, shadowed by the ominous threat of the Seven and further darkened by her husband Kaelan's descent into demonic power.

Vale's journey is a race against time as she must forge new witches into warriors, capable of standing beside her in the impending battle against encroaching darkness. Amidst these trials, a startling revelation shakes her core – the discovery of a sister, a newfound kinship that fuels her protective instincts.

As Vale navigates through her labyrinth of challenges, her resolve hardens. Her vow for retribution is unyielding; her quest for justice, relentless. This is more than a fight for her throne—it's a battle for her soul, her kingdom, and the legacy she will leave behind. 

Special Edition Hardcover

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