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"Queen of Realms": Draft 3 Triumph & the Melodic Path to Draft 4!

Hello, my lovely subjects of the Written Word Kingdom! 📚👑

I come before you today, basking in the glow of a completed mission. The third draft of "Queen of Realms" is done and dusted! That's right, Draft 3 of 5 has bravely faced the editorial gauntlet and is now resting in the royal archives (also known as the towering inferno of paperwork on my desk).

Now, let's picture Draft 3 as a valiant knight, finally taking off their armor after an epic quest. It's been a wild ride of creativity, late nights, and an endless dance of typing fingers. But, as they say, no rest for the wickedly imaginative! Draft 4 stands on the horizon, beckoning me with promises of plot twists and character arcs.

And speaking of quests, I've embarked on a melodious adventure to create the ultimate soundtrack for our beloved realm! Yes, the official playlist for "Queen of Realms" has been curated with the same passion and drama that fills its pages. Each track is a journey through the emotions and escapades of our characters, designed to transport you right into the heart of the story.

"Where can I find this magical collection of tunes?" I hear you ask. Well, dear reader, the playlist will be available under the brand spanking new 'Media' tab on my website. As of writing this post, the tab is more of a mythical concept than a reality, but fret not! It will be conjured up shortly, ready to house all things "Queen of Realms" including our beloved playlist.

In the meantime, I'm off to stock up on snacks and courage as I prepare to dive into Draft 4. Your words of encouragement and virtual snacks have been the lifeline keeping me tethered to the world of the living (and writing).

So, join me in a well-deserved pat on the back, a moment of anticipation for the melodies that await, and perhaps a nap. Stay tuned for the inevitable tales of triumph and despair as I continue on this literary journey.

Yours in boundless creativity and occasional melodrama,

Ember East

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