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Prince of
Shadows and Light

A First Witch Spin-Off Novella

Prince of shadows and light covr.png
A free First Witch Novella coming soon! 


Bound by an ancient curse, Kaelan's existence is a constant battle between his benevolent spirit and the darker urges that threaten to consume him. Determined to reclaim his destiny, Kaelan embarks on a perilous quest to find the ancient demon sages, custodians of forgotten lore who alone hold the key to his salvation.

The sages reveal that the path to freedom lies not in battle, but in balance. To break the curse, Kaelan must undergo three arduous trials, each designed to test his strength, wisdom, and courage, challenging him to find the elusive harmony between the contrasting facets of his being. With every step, Kaelan ventures deeper into both the darkness and light within, confronting fearsome adversaries and his own inner demons.

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