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This is the special book box for Queen of Realms. It comes with a signed paperback of the book, a wax seal envelope, art prints, a map, bookmark, vellum page overlays, and metal cover corner protectors.


As Vale's epic odyssey unfolds, the shadows of the Seven loom larger than ever, and the elusive Haldir remains a deadly enigma. Meanwhile, the malevolent forces of the demon courts stir, unleashing a dark and menacing dimension of peril into Vale's already treacherous world. With relentless adversaries closing in from all directions, Vale must confront challenges of staggering complexity.


In the enchanted realm of Elysian, Vale faces the monumental task of rebuilding her newfound kingdom. As if that were not enough – she's entrusted with the vital mission of training a new generation of witches, all in preparation for the impending, cataclysmic threat of The Seven. Her very mastery of magic itself hangs in the balance.


But amidst the turmoil, Vale's heart is torn between three passionate, irresistible men: the steadfast Aerion, the charismatic Thalion, and the enigmatic Kaelan. Love and desire burn fiercely, igniting a tempest of emotions that could either empower her or shatter her world.

Queen of Realms Signed Book Box

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