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This is the signed paperback edition of 'A Magic of Magic and Magic' 

In the whimsical land of Prismania, Enchantia "Tia" Spellbound, a plucky young Sparklemancer, is tasked with a perilous quest: to retrieve the legendary Ultima Magicanum before the dastardly Hexinators can get their brooding hands on it. Joined by the stupidly handsome and perpetually grumpy Darkheart Shadowcloak, Tia must navigate a world of rainbow-hued magic, snarky banter, and kidney stealing trolls. Will our intrepid heroine find the ultimate magical artifact and save Prismania from eternal gloom? Or will she succumb to the Hexinators' nefarious schemes and Darkheart's smoldering gaze? Join Tia on a hilarious journey filled with glitter, danger, and the perils of magical pollen in "A Magic of Magic and Magic"!

Signed Paperback of 'A Magic of Magic and Magic'

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