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This is the special book box for Whisper of Shadows! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT NAME TO MAKE IT OUT TO. 

Inside you will find:

  • One signed copy of Whisper of Shadows
  • One Map
  • One recipe card
  • two book marks
  • 6 art prints
  • One limited edition art print
  • stickers
  • book corner protectors-already on the book
  • a mini book- one for each of your kids!
  • and a tea candle with a card


On her fourteenth birthday, Phaedra's world is turned upside down when her grandmother reveals that she is part of an ancient foretelling as a witch born with the power to wield all five elements and destroy the shadows.


When sinister shadows attack her village, Phaedra has no choice but to flee into the dangerous wilds on a quest to find the last Ancient Sage who can help her learn to control her growing powers before the dark force of Evras consumes the realm.


Accompanied by a snarky giant wolf bound by a life debt, Phaedra must brave rugged terrain and evade persistent attacks from shadow creatures that threaten to corrupt her magic and leave the land in ruin. As she races to fulfill her destiny as the world's last defense against consuming evil, Phaedra discovers a terrifying truth about her destiny.


Can she defy the odds to become the hero the stars demand before all light is extinguished?


Special Book Box for Whisper of Shadows

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