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An Unhinged Update: Cuz I'm a little crazed

The First Witch series started out as a trilogy. For the people in the back that’s THREE books. Three books, turned into four, and four turned into five. And I breathed a sigh of relief because surely that was the end, right? WRONG. I’m wrong again, as I am frequently. The First Witch series has now officially evolved once again to SIX books. DOUBLE what I had originally planned for.

If I had known from the start that my series would turn into six books not only would I have been incredibly intimidated and freaked out, but I also would have done some things differently. But you can’t change the past, or a previously published book.

What possessed me to announce a sixth book, you might ask. Well, it wasn’t my decision! It was my character’s decision, my story’s decision. Vale has far too much left to do for just two books. So unless you want books four and five to be 800 pages each, a sixth book was needed.

What does this mean for the spin-off? The spin-off book is still happening, and as of now, it is still going to be in between books four and five on the timeline. If anything changes there, it’ll be that it’s between book five and six. But it’s definitely still happening.

What does this mean for me? MORE WORK. But I love the work, I really do. I know that a baby author’s debut series shouldn’t be 6 books long with a spin-off series. I know I should have released some nice short books to build my reader base. But I don’t care, I follow my own rules and always have. I’ve made my bed and I’m sitting in it.

Anywho, thank you readers for coming on this insane, unhinged, crazy, fanatastic journey with me as my debut series evolves and grows. Stay turned for more updates.

And don’t forget in two days time on January 20th, Queen of Realms, book 3 in the First Witch series is out!!

Peace out, A town down,

Ember East

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